Our Social Commitment

At Cielo Hammocks, we believe that understanding and appreciating where our hammocks & crafts come from is as important as your purchase. 

With that in mind, we are committed to the social development of indigenous Mayans, especially Mayan women, who represent 90% of our weavers, all of which work from home. Working from home allows them to earn wages, avoid the cost and time of a commute to work and take care of young children at home.  The illiteracy rate is also very high and in some cases they only speak Mayan, not Spanish. This poses a major constraint for the commercialization of the Mayan Hammocks. This is where Hammock Boutique comes into play providing them with a sustainable business model. They continue to preserve the millenary tradition of hammock weaving while Hammock Boutique provides all the raw materials needed to build the hammocks and ship them to the final users. We currently have about 882 families of weavers in our network across the Yucatan.

The south of Mexico is the most impoverished region of the country and we are committed to make a difference even if it's just for a few hundred families. We are very proud of our effort and contribution for the improvement of our home region.

Please keep this in mind; every time you buy a hammock, you contribute to the enhancement of their lives. 

Our mission is to contribute to the local economy, improve the lives of the Mayan communities in the Yucatan, and make Mayan art and traditions known worldwide as unique products; unique not only for their beauty but for their quality as well.