Alysen Gervais commented on 05-Apr-2017 06:53 AM
I've bought 2 XL hammock chairs and they're SOOO comfortable.
jessica burger commented on 30-Mar-2017 11:29 AM
This is the perfect hammock and will let everyone know!!
Heather Albarano commented on 29-Mar-2017 09:05 AM
The hammock was beautiful and very well made! We have had it for a year now and it has held its color well.
Stuart Norton commented on 29-Mar-2017 12:22 AM
Got my wife a hammock for her birthday and she LOVES it! Very comfortable. Pretty too!
Michel Auger commented on 28-Mar-2017 09:43 PM
Always a pleasure to make business with you and to use your product. Great job !
Tegan Seebach commented on 28-Mar-2017 09:36 PM
Absolutely beautiful! The quality and craftsmanship are beyond expectations. So pleased with my purchase. Such a treasure.
Patricia Dage commented on 28-Mar-2017 09:21 PM
After we wore out our original hammock that I had purchased while on a trip to Merida, Mexico our daughter found Hammock Boutique on the web while looking for an honest company. Customer service is top notch, I had several questions that were promptly answered. We special ordered our color combination and could not be happier with the finished product. We are enjoying this beautiful hammock when the weather allows. Hammock Boutique, you have a reputable company and will have a repeat customer.
Hans Ecke commented on 07-Mar-2017 05:38 PM
Fast and accurate, thanks!
Carolyn Kempinski commented on 02-Jan-2017 01:44 PM
Super fast shipping and I love it!!
Jessie Moore commented on 17-Sep-2016 03:06 PM
I purchased a hammock for my wife, and she loves it. It's nicely crafted, and seems very sturdy.
Heather West commented on 23-Aug-2016 07:46 PM
Beautiful. Comfortable. Could not have asked for a better Mothers Day present. It appears at this point to be exactly as presented.
Hillary commented on 31-Dec-2015 03:17 PM
I bought a hammock as a Christmas present and my friend loves it. So beautiful
Jen Pack commented on 30-Dec-2015 01:18 PM
Very pleased with my last hammock purchase right before Christmas. This hammock chair is the third one I have ordered. I requested specific colors my son wanted and it was perfect! I worried that we might not get it before Christmas, but the shipping was very fast! Thanks Hammock Boutique!
Christine Payne-Towler commented on 25-Oct-2015 09:26 PM
The hammock arrived super fast, but I had to wait until my builder could come and install the hooks in my bedroom. Now this is my favorite bed in the house! I find it so comforting to be held and rocked that I sleep through the night like a baby. I'm in the pacific northwest, so I bring my down quilt into the hammock with me and it's like sleeping in an eagle's nest. Plus it is beautiful with all the colors, really sparks up the room. I couldn't be happier!
E. Friedman commented on 06-Jul-2015 09:38 PM
I LOVE the Hammock that was made for us and I really appreciate the message about supporting people to work from home and be with their children!
Bob H. commented on 20-May-2015 07:57 AM
I received my hammock today and love it. I got in just to try it out, and two hours later was still there. It fit my hammock stand perfectly, thanks to the excellent help I got from Josefina. Thanks also for the beautiful workmanship of Eladio. Now I can nap in comfort in a work of art. Bob
Braden McDonald commented on 14-May-2015 10:31 AM
Excellent product and good customer service. I'm disappointed in the Hammock Saver's ability to deal with rain, but the vendor has been helpful so far.
Heidi commented on 13-May-2015 12:36 PM
The hacienda hammock is gorgeous and very good quality!
cheryl coyner commented on 15-Apr-2015 10:07 AM
The hammock was a gift to my daughter and she has just now had a place to hang it. You should know that she LOVES it!!.Thanks
J. Hoover commented on 24-Dec-2014 12:40 PM
I appreciate being on your email list....I love my hammock!
Pete R. P. commented on 20-Dec-2014 03:18 PM
Josefina, I think of you and the weavers every time I am in my yard—daily! The hammock is beautiful! I leave it up and it still looks fabulous.
And, of course, it was a stunning addition to the backyard wedding we had back in May.
Melissa Palmer commented on 22-Sep-2014 06:38 PM
Great product and great service. I will continue to purchase from you guys in the future as well as promote your product.
Erin Hoban commented on 20-Sep-2014 07:04 AM
The entire family has a new favorite seat. We all love our new hammock swing! Only regret is we didn't buy is sooner.
Amanda Braun commented on 27-Jul-2014 06:23 PM
I am so happy with my purchase. The hammock was everything I wanted: sturdy, comfortable, bright, and beautiful.
Leigh Edwards commented on 25-Jul-2014 04:46 PM
My cousin loves his hammock (was a wedding gift). I am ordering one for myself!
Alice Wilson commented on 15-Jul-2014 01:34 PM
Fantastic hammock! Fantastic service and communication! Fast international delivery! All the way to Australia.
Alysen D. commented on 15-Jul-2014 01:32 PM
Perfect colors, exactly what I had in mind. PLUS, I received this chair in France only a couple of days after shipping! Very impressed with Josefina's customer service and my new chair.
Ellen Hendricks commented on 10-Jul-2014 11:12 AM
This is such a great purchase! I love our new hammock, fits perfectly in between our two favorite trees in our backyard. Super speedy shipping and great quality. Would definitely recommend!
Trevor Vigil commented on 09-Jul-2014 10:02 AM
Great product! Amazing communication! And fast shipping.
Leah Tribett commented on 08-Jul-2014 07:04 PM
I LOVE my hammock! The colors are beautiful and it's very comfortable. Shipping was extremely fast!
Davide Frigerio commented on 08-Jul-2014 12:52 PM
articolo molto bello; finiture ok, tessuto molto bello,colori magnifici, consegna abbastanza veloce(c'è voluto meno tempo dal Messico a Malpensa che non da Malpensa a casa mia).
Mary S. commented on 02-Jun-2014 12:33 PM
Just wanted to let you know that I received my swing today and I love it!! My husband hung it right away for me and it is the most comfortable of all the swings I have had. It's very roomy and soft. Again, thank you so much for your help and the short amount of time it took to get here.
Molly W. commented on 14-Apr-2014 10:44 AM
I am writing this to you from my hammock :) I absolutely love it! The colors are beautiful and it's very sturdy and comfortable. Thank you!
Lindsay G. commented on 12-Apr-2014 02:12 PM
I absolutely love my new hammock chair. It's beautiful, strong and so comfortable. Thank you!!
Deb commented on 11-Mar-2014 10:08 AM
My daughter loved her hammock chair. Hung it in her living room and loves to read in it while admiring her mountain views. Working with Hammock Boutique was great. Very efficient and professional…..and so very nice!
Pedro Cicero Rubio commented on 22-Feb-2014 01:16 PM
Great Products!!
Debby commented on 21-Sep-2013 11:45 AM
The Hammock is stunning, comfy, and high quality. You were easy to find on Pinterest and it arrived promptly Bd was easy to put up. Thanks for a product beautiful and functional that beckons me to stop and enjoy the moment!!! Debby, RI
Jenna Johnston commented on 18-Sep-2013 10:00 AM
This made the Perfect gift for my husband! I am so happy with my purchase and cannot wait to buy another!
Nancy Snyder commented on 13-Sep-2013 06:09 AM
Ordered the hammock chair for my daughter for her birthday! She loves it, great hammock!
Paulina Salazar commented on 11-Sep-2013 07:15 PM
The hammock was the perfect gift!!! I ordered it for my father-in-law and he simply loved it!! and the best thing... it arrived on the very same day of his birthday!!! it was a really nice surprise for him.
Jennifer Beyler commented on 11-Sep-2013 05:40 PM
I love the hammock and the shipping is surprisingly fast! My only problem is that you can't leave it out all the time or it falls apart (this is my second one). Keep it covered or bring it in after using it if you want it to last.
len Tambasco commented on 11-Sep-2013 03:46 PM
The hammock is great! have enjoyed many afternoon naps. Thank you again!
Tammy O'Brien commented on 11-Sep-2013 02:50 PM
Enjoying the beautiful hammock we ordered from you! Very bright colors and well made. Receive many compliments! Thank you!
Athena commented on 31-Jul-2013 11:18 PM
I ordered a large nylon multi colored hammock. The measurements in the description are accurate and the instructions for how to tie a knot were very helpful. I received my hammock in a timely manner. If you like hammocks I recommend purchasing one from HammockBoutique the colors are magnificent and the hammock is relaxing to lay in at the end of a stressful day.
BarryLeader commented on 28-Jul-2013 10:22 AM
Very happy with the hammock. It got here faster than an order I placed at Amazon for shoes.
MichelleEsquibel commented on 28-Jul-2013 10:21 AM
The hammock and the experience of shopping with you was wonderful! I love my hammock and send warm thoughts and blessings to those who make them! I lay in it every day almost and am so grateful! THank you so much!!!
Eva Castro commented on 28-Jun-2013 11:02 AM
I ordered my hammock from Spain and I got it in less than a week! That was unbelievable! I ordered the natural beige in cotton and it is so soft and comfy...I love hanging there...Also very easy to mount and dismount. I would definitley recommend anyone who's looking for a hammock to buy it here, not only the service is impecable but also you know you are putting your little drop to help develop rural areas. Thanks!
Denise Wigent commented on 19-Jun-2013 08:42 PM
We just love our hammocks! We have two chair hammocks in our living room! We also have a traditional hammock in our drumming/meditation room. Everyone who comes to our home just love sitting in the hammocks!! Thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship on all the hammocks!
Sarah Bologna commented on 14-Jun-2013 03:15 PM
wonderful customer service and a lovely product!
Maureen Riddle commented on 13-Jun-2013 09:06 PM
The service and quality you provide is exceptional and I just love the hammock.
Elizabeth Burrell commented on 13-Jun-2013 08:32 PM
I bought the American De Lux hammock for my husband who is 6'3". He loves this hammock and it fits him with room to grow. His legs aren't hanging out. We both an fit it, no problem. Great investment.
Erin commented on 13-Jun-2013 06:15 PM
Quick shipping and a lovely hammock, just what i was looking for and the quality is excellent.
Liz Sinnott commented on 13-Jun-2013 05:09 PM
We are very happy with our beautiful green hammock! Easy ordering & fast shipping - thank you!
liz hull commented on 04-Jun-2013 08:35 PM
the hammock was perfect! the black/natural combo is hard to find, so was thrilled to get it. Best of all is that hammock boutique is a fair trade company!!!!!
Laura French commented on 02-Jun-2013 03:42 PM
Ordered XL cotton hammock Tuesday morn...estimated delivery was 10 days but arrived 3 days later...very happy with puchase & plan to order more items in near future...hammock life is so relaxing! Thank-you!!
Denise Wigent commented on 21-May-2013 09:58 PM
We love our hammocks!!! We have two hammock chair swings in the living room, and a giant hammock in our drumming/meditation room.
So happy with our hammocks!!!
Mukhtar commented on 25-Jan-2013 11:49 AM
U are d bst
Florida Customer commented on 24-Jan-2013 06:57 AM
Perfect oversize hammock for our back yard. Fast shipment. Beautiful product and very comfortable.
Mme D�ry commented on 12-Jul-2012 10:16 PM
Quel beau et confortable hamac , j'ai le goût d'en commander un autre , le service est impeccable et très personnalisé , j'ai offert ce hamac en cadeau à mon conjoint , il est splendide , félicitation pour votre entreprise , je suis très très impressionnée
et satisfaite à 100% ,mon conjoint aussi!!! Bravo à Hammock boutique, je reviendrai magasiner chez vous , c'est certain!
Emily Skiles commented on 05-Jul-2012 09:00 PM
I placed my order July 2nd, and it was delivered July 5th.....even with standard shipping and a holiday in-between! I am so excited about my hammock chair, it was put to use if only 10min later. I can't wait to order a full size hammock! Great product,
customer service, and fast delivery! Thank you!
Stephane Leblanc commented on 21-May-2012 12:55 PM
wow j ai acheté 2chaisse hamack et 2 hamack le 9 janvier 2012 3 jours plus tard je les recevais .Les qualitée de ses hamack sont exceptionnel .De vrais hamack Mexcicain de qualitée artisanale . J'ai modifié l intérieur de la maison pour profiter toute
l année de mon hamack .Félicitation pour votre entreprise et je ne manquerais pas une aucasions de parler en bien du comfort de vos hamack . Merci Quebec Canada
Rachel Duffy commented on 26-Feb-2012 10:33 PM
I ordered the thick cord hammock and mosquito net. Both are exactly as described on the website and I couldn't be happier! The hammock is beautiful (I got the rainbow design) and perfectly crafted. Thank you so much! Rachel
John How commented on 25-Aug-2011 02:38 PM
Our queen hammock arrive the day after we ordered it! Great serive, fast shipping, and wonderful products will bring me back to order more items in the future. If you want quality and superior service, this is the place to order from.
Jobina Trimmer commented on 29-Jun-2011 10:24 AM
I just received my Hammock chair and deluxe hammock. They are everything I expected and more. Fast shipping and packaged great. Will order again!!
Kim Macnamara commented on 28-Jun-2011 02:36 PM
Thank you for all your help & getting me the correct hammock by Father's day, It is beautifully made & the colors are perfect! My fiancé absolutely loved it & We took it camping over the weekend!! Thank you, Kim
Linda C Kennedy commented on 23-Jun-2011 04:24 PM
Good afternoon. I received my hammock this morning. In less than fifteen minutes I had it unpacked, hanging and was relaxing in it! This is the second one I have purchased and love them. Thank you for the quality of your workmanship. I very much appreciate
it. Linda C Kennedy
Lawrence Distefano commented on 13-Jun-2011 02:53 PM
I just wanted to let u know I got my hammock this morning and I love it!!! It's exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for your wonderful courteous service. I will be telling all my friends about it. Hopefully we can do business again in the future.
Sincerely, Lawrence
Katie commented on 20-May-2011 09:04 AM
I ordered the large hammock chair through Amazon as well as a similar hammock chair from another company. The large hammock chair from Hammock Boutique is far superior. It is so comfortable and big enough to really stretch out in. I will definitely be
back for more hammocks when the 2 we currently have wear out. Great fast shipping too!
Elizabeth commented on 19-May-2011 12:07 PM
Thank you so much for the beautiful hammock which I received a few days ago. It is the most beautiful and comfortable hammock I've ever owned. I love the thick, soft cords and the bright, cheerful colors. I know that a lot of work went into making this
and that many people were involved in actually getting the finished product into my hands, on my porch. I wish the highest blessings for all involved.
Eric Rosen commented on 29-Apr-2011 11:26 AM
Thank you for the beautiful product and the fast shipping. I am recommending to anyone I know! Blessings.
Mary Hesketh commented on 21-Mar-2011 10:57 AM
Ordered really late for my husband's birthday, but with incredibly fast shipping, it got here in time anyhow. Hammock is absolutely beautiful and my husband loves it. My only disappoint was that when ordering, I selected "cotton" from the pull-down menu
and the hammock I actually received was labeled as 80/20 poly/cotton. I was prepared to send it back to get a cotton one, but my husband loves this one anyhow. So we will keep it. Overall very satisfied with the product and the service.
Karen Nesbitt commented on 11-Mar-2011 09:43 AM
We love the hammock chair we ordered - it's beautiful! We are also very pleased to support an ethical company. We have already told others about Hammock Boutique and will continue to recommend your products!
Susan Gwynn commented on 30-Dec-2010 01:06 PM
The Hammock we ordered arrived on time and is beautiful! We love it, thank you.
Stoney Burke commented on 30-Dec-2010 01:00 PM
Perfect hammock for our summer camping in Colorado! Beautiful craftmanship on the hammock. Look forward to showing it off!
Lyndall Hare commented on 25-Sep-2010 04:06 PM
What efficiency! You were so great about letting me know where the gift was at every step of the way. Prompt, exactly what I ordered, and my friends love it! Will definitely be back! Thank you for beautiful quality.
Robert Pehrson commented on 21-Sep-2010 11:56 AM
Our old hammock was looking forward to be retired after 15 summers up here on the edge of civilization - and there after 3 day the new colorful hammock arrived after travelling half the world around! Thank You for very good customer service and a strong, ethic and esthetique product! Attached a picture of our kids the same day the hammoc arrived.
Cristina Martin commented on 17-Sep-2010 02:10 PM
Its cute
Daniel Boon commented on 17-Sep-2010 01:09 PM
Great Products!!
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