Hammock Donation to Foster Homes

Cielo Hammocks is committed to social responsibility. In that spirit, Cielo Hammocks, along with Merida Hammocks donated 60 hammocks for children living in foster homes across the Yucatan State. 

In the Yucatan, where Mayan traditions prevail, most people sleep in hammocks rather than beds. Hammocks are a more refreshing place to sleep, especially when temperatures can hike to 45°C (113°F). 

The Mexican Federal government supports foster homes around the country in rural areas where almost 100% of the population is indigenous. Their budget is very limited and foster homes in the Yucatan routinely run short on hammocks. Children were thus forced to sleep with siblings or friends, sometimes two or three in the same hammock. 

Constantino and Josefina Urzaiz, the founders of Cielo Hammocks, visited these foster homes along with government officials to deliver the hammocks to children in need. All the children were very excited to have their own hammock to sleep in! We felt thrilled to do our part to contribute to the improvement in their living condition. 

Enjoy the following images of smiles and happy faces when the children received their hammocks.