What is the difference in hammock sizes?

We sell 5 hammock sizes on the Traditional Hammocks (no spreader wood bars). XS, Small, Medium, Large and XL (each incremental size has an additional tube of yarn woven in the body of the hammock)

Therefore, the length of the hammock is the same for each size but the difference is the width. Width gives the size. The larger the size, the wider and bigger the hammock. The larger the hammock, the more comfortable it will feel. This holds true even for one person. The general rule is to get the largest hammock you can reasonably afford.

We suggest Large for two or more (up to 660 pounds). It is a very strong hammock and very comfortable for 1 individual.

Medium hammocks are also very strong and resistant. We recommend this for one person though it can be shared with someone else if you want to be cozy.

Small hammocks are for one adult person. It is a light yet strong hammock. We recommend it for camping and traveling. Very easy for carrying and handling.

XS hammocks suggested for young adults, children or small size adult person. We recommend it for the beach, camping, traveling and short naps.

If you don't want to go wrong, chose the XL hammock. Its amplitud creates great comfort for either 1 adult or a full family. It's heavy weigh resistant and will accommodate comfortably 3 or more adults! Enjoy the fun...