Hammocks for sale through Hammock Boutique represent the work of more than 880 families in the Yucatan Peninsula. Hammock Boutique continues the centuries old tradition of hand-weaving the most beautiful Mayan hammocks in the world. Our high quality hammocks and hammock chairs are sold by our family owned and operated business, capturing the rich history of the hammock while offering the highest quality and most competitive prices worldwide!

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Mayan Hammocks For Sale: Beautiful, Colorful and Made to Last!

Nothing beats lying in the cool shade of your backyard, relaxing with a drink and a book, in a gorgeous hammock or hammock chair from Hammock Boutique! You'll relax even more, knowing that you have purchased the finest brand of hammocks available today. Because Hammock Boutique does not just sell any woven hammock. Our Mayan hammocks are well made, with high quality rope. We sell our products online to customers all over the world, and our customers return again and again! Hammock Boutique is the largest producer and exporter of Mayan Hammocks out of Mexico today. If you don’t see the hammock you want, just call and speak to one of our friendly representatives. Check out our gorgeous selection of durable hammock chairs in almost every color of the rainbow.  With wood hammock chairs, American style hammocks, jumbo styles, hammock swings and more, we have everything you’ll want to create the restful, relaxing retreat of your dreams. 

Hammock Boutique offers the fastest shipping in the business. We ship directly from Mexico using only FedEx,  so you can expect your hammock or hammock chair within 3 business days!

Everything starts with the weave. Unlike other types of rope swings or hammock chairs, our handwoven Mayan hammocks are made with a unique diamond weave that moves based on your body weight, balancing in perfect harmony to your position. You will be cocooned safely in a Mayan hammock, with the relaxing comfort and support only our gorgeous products can provide. Because of Hammock Boutique’s strict quality control policies, you will always be reclining in the best woven swing that money can buy! 

Custom colors and styles are our specialty. Whether you are working with a strict color palette for a store or a restaurant, or just a homeowner looking for that perfect color combination to decorate your outdoor patio, Hammock Boutique can customize your order to fit your individual requirements. Since we manufacture our hammocks ourselves, we can specify any colors YOU want. We also carry a line of gorgeous handicrafts, and will create new products based on your needs as well... just ask!

Hammock Boutique is a family owned business, and as a successful enterprise, we are committed to giving back. Only Hammock Boutique has a special cooperative business model that provides support, training and employment to the indigenous Mayan peoples in the Yucatan who design and weave the beautiful hammock creations that we sell. We donate 10% of our profits to vital programs in support of our weavers and their families. When you buy a hammock from Hammock Boutique, you are helping to protect and develop these precious communities and cultures.

Hammock Boutique is a minority owned business that emphasizes the betterment and growth of marginalized Indigenous Mayan Communities in Yucatan, Mexico, 90% of whom are women who have been creating hammocks like these for generations. These Mayan hammocks are more than just a relaxing home accessory. In many cases, they are the family's ticket to a better, more sustainable lifestyle.

For more than a decade, Hammock Boutique has provided thousands of customers with beautiful, handmade Mexican hammocks that are meant to be treasured. In a world of the mass produced mediocrity, why not buy the original hammocks? They are the best hammocks! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us today! We’re here to help you find your own “little piece of heaven” with our comfortable, and enduring woven hammock products.